Looking for a lovely host-family in the US!!

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Looking for a lovely host-family in the US!!

Post  Guest on Sat 31 Jul 2010, 5:35 am

As already mentioned above, I'm looking for a host-family in the United States. I'd like to spend about 12 months abroad and could start soon.

About myself:
My name is Cornelia, but nearly everybody calls me Conny, last May I turned 24.
Iím the oldest of three siblings and grew up in a town in Lower Austria, as a very active girl and spent a lot of time outdoors with my siblings and friends.
At weekends we often visited relatives, because weíre part of a quite large kinship. Iíve got 16 cousins altogether and most of them are younger, so you can imagine that family reunions at Christmas or Easter always were a lot of fun.
I think I can say that I had a very happy and sheltered childhood. My parents set specific rules and limitations, but I had enough freedom to develop my individual personality. They promoted my interests and supported me in every sense, and they still do that today. I really appreciate this kind of education and would like to pass it on to my own kids one day. Maybe your children could benefit from my know-how too, if you want them to.

At the age of 19, after passing the university-entrance diploma, I moved to Vienna in order do start my studies for Biomedical Science, which I finished last September. Since this time Iíve been working in a research-department, where Iím employed for a special project which should be completed in June. After this my occupation there will end.
Meanwhile Iíve been living in my appropriate flat for more than 3 years. During this time Iíve learned to be on my own for which reason I became very independent and responsible.

I've been caring regulary for children of different age groups since I was 16 and enjoyed every day with them, especially with the young ones. Kids give you so much back just by smiling and remind us how important it is to appreciate the small things in life. Moreover I like travelling and I have always wanted to experience the "american way of life" one day. This are the reasons why I decided to become an au-pair, it is the perfect opportunity to combine my love for children with my interest in other cultures!
Iím already looking forward to get to know my host family for the coming year. Maybe I could become part of your family and be a kind of big sister to your kids!

Please contact me if you're interested or know anybody who could need an au-pair or just would like to have more information. References are available too.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you,


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