SCAM host!!!!!!!

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SCAM host!!!!!!!

Post  Guest on Sat 29 May 2010, 12:15 am

Hi everyone, most of you have probably been contacted by a guy called
alex007 looking for a nanny in london, offering to pay an obviously
ridiculous false offer, the email used is and its a generic email and he
asks you to contact him through that, i said sorry i have a host already
but thank you and he contacted me again saying.....right.....but can
you mail me anyway to forward you some more information, then i
remembered the email address, i had seen it before on an ad with almost
exact wording, offering 700 a week, no one could earn that much just au
pairing anyway, except the sign off was a womans name, obviously some
scam is going on i just wanted to make girls aware of it before someone
gets caught out!


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